Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Babies' Day Out!

The past weekend took us to the Philadelphia Zoo. Yeah I said it right, two 26 year olds spent a day at the zoo where the only other lone adults were the elephants and the giraffes. And we got rather annoyed at the kids who kept running in front of the camera and scared away the animals that were otherwise posing for us.

The elusive rain refused to pour down and the maginficient peacocks refused to dance. We chased hyperactive monkeys for about a half hour trying to get one good shot, but all in vain. But the chance sight of two of them innocently hugging each other made it all worth the while. Of course we could not catch it on camera. Certian beauties of life cannot be framed indeed. But we did catch two tigers getting mushy.

There was one lioness that put on quite a show. A photographer had managed to lure her to the glass and made her go crazy with his antics. The way she was pawing and scratching at the glass, I'm sure all she wanted to do was break the glass and pounce right at him. Nevertheless, the crowd refused to leave and the lion reveled in all the attention.

The polar bear was the cherry on the cake. I like to think it was a "he" like all the teddy bears I owned. He had a toy, a large purple ball. He gambolled around with it ceaselessly. We watched him from above the water and underwater. His excitement was contagious. I so badly wanted to take the adorable darling home with me.

Here are some of Arun's other favorites...

PS: Watch out for our posts on our cross-country trip. Oh yeah! We really are leaving this Friday...!!!!


Nandini Vishwanath said...

I love the monkey pic. Only one could takje another's pic that beautifully :D - it was A's pic no?

And you got your license? And yay! good luck for the trip. You know what I mean, Kavita! :P

buddy said...

monkey is way cute!
and yea..all the best! have fun!!

Arun Sundar said...



Rayees Ahamed said...

all the best, i too like that monkey pic