Thursday, July 30, 2009

New York and the African Elephants!

View On Black

This is the hallway of African Mammals exhibit at American Museum of Natural history, New york. During my previous visits, I always have found this place a little dark, with many moving people, lack of space or in general non-conducive for photography.

This time, as I was walking down the Mezzanine floor, an idea struck and I used my 10-20mm lens and the wall (as a tripod substitute) to take this photograph.

I didn't bother to do any post-processing to remove the moving people (creating ghost images), as I thought of course humans are part of Natural history and they deserve to be part of the museum. lol :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

New York and the landmarks!

I went to NYC last weekend after quite a few months. Too much nostalgia. This time I visited with parents so behaved like a perfect tourist. Whats a visit to NYC without a Brooklyn bridge picture?! This is a signature shot of one of my favorite places in the city.

Wide angle view of Brooklyn bridge and manhattan bridge. I always wanted to take this picture covering both the bridges and this time I did, thanks to my 10-20mm lens.

I have always felt Manhattan bridge does not get the deserved attention because of its hugely famous neighbor (Brooklyn bridge). I think Manhattan bridge has its own charm, not to forget the train line passing thru this bridge! For some reason, this steel structure has been one of my favourites.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


She says "One who watches trains never grows up" He says "One who watches trains never grows old!"

I guess its true for model trains too! :)

*Pictures taken at Northlandz Model railroad museum, New Jersey.

Friday, July 24, 2009

What I do when I'm bored..

This is a Ferrari car (yup, a toy) I got at Walmart for $1.99. Photographed atop my dining table.

Nice Ride, eh?! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Off to Switzerland... what I thought I'd say this past friday. Perhaps I would have said I'm off to Switzerland....err...of America. I was planning to visit a small city upstate called 'Jim Thorpe' this weekend with my parents. And should I tell anybody how good Americans are in marketing?! In the early 20th century, the town once used to be the second most visited tourist destination in the US, trailing behind the one and only 'Niagara falls'. Hence they called it 'Switzerland of US'.

The town and the surroundings does not deserve to be called Switzerland (not that I have visited Switzerland yet, but I for sure know the hype!). It's a small town with old-fashioned, traditional atmosphere, picturesque scenery and breathtaking mountains! They have a 16-mile scenic railroad, which winds thru the mountains along the Lehigh river, where a lot of white water rafting activities take place.

We boarded the train (that has been running from 1920) as a bear mascot greeted and waved at us. For the next 1 hour, we treated our eyes with the spectacular moutains and the gorges of Lehigh Gorge state park. For some strange reason, I felt a) the trip could have been longer and b) the trains could have been slower. Nevertheless we definitely had a good time.

I then drove to one of the places I have been yearning to go for a long time now - Boulder field at Hickory run state park. I once visited this area with Amar but it was too late (dusk) then and the weather was bad - it snowed like hell. This time, the 3.5 mile dirt road drive wasn't all that bad.
Imagine a wide river stream, with no water but just boulders. That is boulder field. The place seemed to be a true relic of the past. This area, declared as aNational Natural Landmark, has remained relatively unchanged for more than 20,000 years. Because of its flatness and absence of vegetation, the Boulder Field appears striking. Photographs do no justice to this place.

Our next stop was Hawk falls, which was a 1-mile hike down the hills, just off the highway. It was once again worth the hike, as the falls was fantastic and the weather was perfectly conducive for photography. I tried my new 0.9D filter and am extremely pleased with it! There were some monkeys in human forms trying to dive into the water to impress their bikini-clad girl friends. Other than that, the place was awesome. Some pictures here.

Side View of the falls from one of the rocks:

One more wide angle view:

Thats pretty much about one of my recently liked trips. Signing off till my next travelogue. Ciao!