Sunday, April 12, 2009

So what has the duo been up to?

A lazy Sunday greeting to our blogger buddies! We've been rather tardy writing about our recent wanderings, random as they may be. After our sinfully lazy and indulgent weekend a fortnight ago (Alan Smithee: No hyperlink! We are all about pleasing our esteemed readerfolk...), an uninvited storm ravaged our lives. Arun had to work. A lot and hard that too. Unbelievable, I know! One would think he's beyond such lowly exertions. He found a way out though. He promptly fell ill and played the sympathy card. This should shed a more enlightening perspective on his recent blog post about his hospital visit(Alan Smithee: Forgive me, I had to). And of course, he passed the virus to me too. At least I turned out to be a better fighter and escaped being pricked in the ear.

And I realized, not without a startle, that I had to turn in cases and projects and the like if I had any hopes of graduating next month. And it is rather crucial that I graduate. Rosy as it might seem, Wharton is anything but affordable a place to wait and watch as the world goes upside down. Chuckle! Which reminds me, I will be in sunny California all of June. As a good dutiful daughter, I intend to be with my parents who will be visiting me for graduation. The truth is the rich uncles refused to pay my rent. So I will leave the East Coast with a heavy heart and an undying promise to return.

Now that the illnesses and work and studies have blown over, life is back to its normal fun avtar. So I hunkered down and got to blogging.

Last weekend we went to Washington DC on Saturday to be amongst the sea of people who went there for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Soft, white, feathery blossoms. Most lilted merrily on the branches, others flew around wispily in the whimsical breeze. Thousands of blossoms. Thousands of people. Here are a few pictures of the sights...

Cherry Blossoms and Washington Monument in the backkground

Arlington Cemetry

Amphitheater in Arlington Cemetry

The weather on Sunday was gorgeous. We are not ones to pass up on such chance pleasures. So we woke up at noon, dressed and drove to Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey. We walked on the beach watching a bunch of children having a ball in the wet sand. Fooled by the warmish sand, I went into the water and came running back to be readily mocked by our hero. We threw darts at balloons and won fragile looking monkey soft toys. They are stuck to the back of Arun's car these days and have really taken to the spot. Our day at the beach came to a fitting end as we wheezed and whewed, struggling to finish massive 3-scoop ice creams.

Over the last week we also managed to watch Adventureland and Observe & Report, go to the Bridgewater temple to ensure I'm still in good (albeit, still unemployed) standing with God *snicker*. This weekend has been a little quiet, due to the rain that kept us indoors yesterday and a looming exam that has tied me down today. We did manage to take a stroll down the Schulkyll River waterfront yesterday when the skies cleared up a bit.

So that's a quick replay of the last two weeks. It's back to the books now.


Nandini Vishwanath said...

I love love Washington DC a lot man! Will go again!

Alan Smithee said...

monkey dolls in a car's windshield scream the owner is gay.

Arun Sundar said...

So does dressing up and getting a self-portrait done.

Kavitha said...

Alan: A little too judgmental here,aren't we?!!

Arun: Vida mattiye!

Alan Smithee said...

The yardstick is different or married men.

Arun Sundar said...

says a married man!

Preeti Sharma said...

So time has been well spent - the travelling and the falling ill to get out of doing some work!!

Great pictures too.