Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trips, Tragedy, Trauma

I have a vague memory of the other author of this blog promising to write this post. That was two weeks ago. Now we can't let this blog die, can we? Nor can we make much of Arun's promises. Until last week Arun at least contributed photographs to every post. Now after his car was shockingly broken into and his camera cruelly snatched away, Arun has no photos to share and is suffering from severe withdrawal. And he will be so until he burns a gaping hole through his pocket with a bigger, more decadent, hyper advanced camera. Until then he will be spending most of his waking hours researching his new "wife to be".

We've been keeping up our weekend exploits amidst two more hectic weeks. We watched four movies 17 Again, State of Play, The Soloist and Earth. Earth is a must watch! I wish they played it in iMax instead of Monsters vs. Aliens. 

And of course we made the most of the fortuitous streak of good weather. The Sunday before last we went to Cape May in New Jersey and took the Ferry to Cape Henlopen in Delaware. The ferry which is more public transport than tourist fare was full of tourists and locals enjoying an afternoon at sea on the gorgeous bright day. The sun went in and out of the clouds. The two hours were delightfully slow as the boat cut through the gently rolling waters. We then drove back home from Delaware, rounding off a deservedly fun weekend.

Last weekend we went to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square about 30 miles from Philadelphia. The place had over a 1000 acres of gardens. We walked the Flower Garden Walk bordering gardens and lakes and fountains. There were tulips in full bloom. Red, White, Yellow, Pink, a rainbow of tulips. Arun lay prostrate, twisted himself lay into weird shapes on the ground and stood on tip toe. All to get a few pictures. And great pictures they were. Unfortunately, Arun and I will be the only persons to see them. For after we got our fill of flowers at the garden, we went to the movies at King of Prussia mall. After the show we came to a car with a broken window and glass strewn all around. Both our backpacks were gone. With them went Arun's camera. Little hope remains of its retreival.

We scrapped our Sunday plans and spent most of the day watching movies on TV while guarding Arun's car. We even gave up watching Earth on the weekend it was released. Unprecedented! 

So that's the story so far. More next week...

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Nandini Vishwanath said...

Earth is great. Arun will certainly appreciate it :)

State of play - Liked? I liked it! :)