Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Champion Parents - The East Coast in 15 days

Graduation, sight seeing in Philadelphia, Luray Caverns in Virginia and Skyline Drive through Shenandoah National Park, Washington DC, 1000 Islands, Niagara Falls, Letchworth State Park, Corning Glass Museum, New York City, Baltimore Aquarium, New Jersey... All in just 2 weeks. Whew!!! That was my parents' itinerary from 17th - 31st May. Add to it social visits in Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York. 

Be it 6 hour long drives, eating pizza, subs and Mexican food or walking entire days, my parents surprised me by being complete champs. I expected to search for Indian restaurants wherever I went and was prepared to use taxis to commute within cities. But their adaptability and enthusiasm to try new things and see new places was amazing. It was a pleasure to show them around, almost like traveling with people of my age. And as you can see, we covered quite a bit on the east coast in the last couple of weeks.

Here are some pictures from various places...

Philadelphia Duck tour & Giant LCD Screen in the Comcast building - Philadelphia

Lake of Dreams & Saracen's Tent - Luray Caverns, Virginia


Washington Monument - Washington DC

Botanic Garden - Washington DC

Corning Glass Museum - New York

Museum of Natural History, Statue of Liberty, Charging Bull - New York City

I figured the best time to show my parents around is when I'm still unemployed and don't have a job and bosses to worry about. Kudos to them for putting up with my crazy travel schedule! I'm off to California today for two months of my mom's home cooked food. And oh! Wish me luck for my impending job search *snicker*...

See post below: Niagara and 1000 Islands with Arun's family and mine
Coming up: Blog post and pictures for Baltimore Aquarium.


SK said...

Thats a lot of travel for jetlagged parents :--)

Good luck with job search.

Alan Smithee said...

Oho! Back in the day, I used to share a room with a north indian hormone tank in a Philadelphia suburb. He was the only one with a car and so we had to tailor our programs around his. Once he took us to this "desi" party in a shady nightclub. It was a 6 storied club with people dancing on each others' toes and there was a small barricaded zone with 10 sikh boys dancing with 6 chicks. That was the "desi" party. And this sucker hooked up with some latina girl and slipped away to another club. When the club closed at 3 in the morning, this bugger was nowhere to be found. To this day I wonder how I managed to not get shot.

Your parents had a better company to go around philly.